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Services & Pricing

The rates charged for translation are agreed on at the beginning of a specific project. The primary factor in determining pricing is related to the number of source words in the document, level of complexity (a general business letter will be priced lower than a technical analysis in forex trading), delivery time requirements (urgent delivery within 24 hours might be more expensive for a new client), volumes (discount can be offered on high volumes), repetitive content (discount for repetitions), format (standard rate will be charged for html, but surcharge will be applied on non-editable files such as images or scanned pages) etc.

Examples of pricing

Example 1

Translation - regular client. Complex, industry specific content, sometimes higher volumes, sometimes 10 words. Basic rate EUR 0.06 per one word, shorter translations up to 1000 word delivered within 24 hours, no extra cost, very short translations no minimum fees applied. Billed monthly. I avalue long-term partnership and I don´t charge any surcharges for urgent jobs, very short translations, weekend work.

Example 2:

New client, general business content. Basic rate EUR 0.04 - 0.05 per one source word, minimum fee EUR 15.00, deadline as agreed. Surcharge may be applied on urgent jobs or extra requirements, such as time consuming transcreation marketing content, character limitations, etc.

Example 3:

Proofreading or post-editing of a translated text (translated either by human translator or by machine translator), rate around EUR 0.02 - 0.03 per one word of source text.

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